The Light Worker's Source Book By Sahvanna Arienta


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The practical roadmap to the higher self you've been searching for. If you are a lightworker you may be going through life with a constant urge to embrace a higher purpose. You know you have a calling but you don't yet know what it is or how to go about finding it. This book is a much needed guide for both newly awakened and fully conscious lightworkers to reveal their authentic selves and find fulfillment. You will be inspired by true stories of other lightworker who have awakened to the divine intention of their own lives, and learn practices to enhance your own lightworker gifts. 

In this 255 page paperback book you will learn the signs and symptoms of awakening to your lightworker role, what the dark night of the soul is and why it's a rite of passage, how to avoid the one way flow which will create roadblocks to your own happiness, and how to use your dreams for guidance and as a gateway to your higher self.