The Young Witch's Guide to Crystals By Cassandra Eason


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Young witches, welcome to the school of crystals! In this Young Witch’s Guide to Crystals you’ll discover what can be an exciting and beautiful addition to your life. It provides a basic introduction to magickal practice with information on using crystals for everything you can possibly imagine: healing your body and broken heart, fortune telling, keeping away bad dreams, creating a lucky charm, and so much more. There’s also advice on choosing your crystals, keeping a crystal journal, and making a special altar and treasure box for your stones. A 7.2 x 9.2 Hardcover book with 160 pages for youth ages 12-18 years of age. A great starter book for not only young witches but also adults who are just starting to learn about crystals and magic as well. 

Whether you're wanting to boost your confidence at school, navigate complicated social situations, this is the guide for you. You will learn how to use a crystal pendulum for fortune-telling, which crystals help you relax at night, how to enchant crystals for protection from online trolls/gossip, and more. Before long, you'll send crystal magick through the cosmos, whether alone at your altar or with others at a crystal spell party when the moon is shining bright.