Tiger's Eye Bear Cub


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These adorable 1 1/2" carved tiger's eye bear cubs are great for display or to gift someone. Tiger's eye is a solar gemstone of courage, strength, and personal power. It stimulates the first three chakras to help you remain grounded & supported during times of stress. It also helps with confidence, helps one to see clearly without fear, aides in developing your psychic abilities, provides peace and balance, as well as strengthening ones creativity. An amazingly strong protection & grounding stone.

The primary meaning of the bear spirit animal is strength and confidence, but it also represents standing up for oneself, taking action/leadership, a time for healing & using your healing abilities to help others, shows us the importance of solitude, quiet time, rest, and provides strong grounding forces. The combination of this stone with such a powerful and grounding animal is a great connection between the two.