Transformations Wooden Plaque Art By Manoah


This bright uniquely colored 7" wooden art plaque was channeled by Manoah Nova Third Eye Creations and was made using acrylic paints. Bright colors seen in it are orange, yellow, and sea blue. This channeled painting comes with a psychic interpreted message done by Gavenia Divina. It reads: "Creativeness is flowing very strongly through you now and has opened both your sacral and heart chakras of energy healing and advancement. Through your artist endeavors you will do extraordinary things to help not only yourself but others around you as everything you create no matter its worth has greater meaning and transformations are taking place at a deeper level of existence". You can also hold or place this upon your heart and or your sacral chakras to feel the immense warmth and healing energies this painting puts off. Great to use for Reiki, crystal healing grids and more.