Traveling Witch Kit


This kit has specially hand selected products to get you working magick while traveling, on the go, or for those who are closet witches who need smaller items to easily hide or store away while working in the shadows. This kit is great for helping you to do simple spells or divination while on the go and traveling. Kit comes with everything you need except a lighter/matches, and a writing pen. Like us, we travel a lot and still want to conduct magical workings and spells, but in an easy and sometimes discreet manner, and we have found that these supplies work great so we have put them in a kit for others to take advantage of whether for a beginner witch, or intermediate witch regardless of what type of path you follow. We also include a contents and instructions sheet to give you more information about each of the items this kit includes and a variety of different ways you can use them. 

Please keep in mind that the healing information and magical correspondences this kit provides has not been evaluated or proven by the FDA and this kit in no way should replace care from your doctor or prescription drugs. The tools and advice this kit provides is not to diagnose, or provide medical advice, but to assist in helping you do magick and for entertainment/metaphysical purposes. Enchanted Genie LLC is not responsible for any injuries or accusations that this kit may provide the client with.

This kit was designed to help the traveling, always on the go, or closet witch have the basic and necessary items/tools to perform magick, and conduct various forms of divination. We sell a variety of other magical and divination products that are sold separately. Each box may vary, but will include the items below in some form. We also have courses on a variety of magical topics on our online magical school: Roots of Knowledge Academy. Kit contents may vary per kit, but each kit will include the same or similar products below in some form. When you purchase, you get all of the items as a kit/set giving you a HUGE discount than if you were to purchase each individual item separate. 

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Card Deck
  • 1 Little Book of Pocket Spells By Akasha Moon
  • 1 Mini Traveling Altar
  • 1 Selenite/Satin Spar 4” Stick
  • 1 3-4” Palo Santo Stick
  • 1 Small Offering Mix Bag
  • 1 3” Black Stone Scrying Bowl
  • 1 Mini Pocket Greenman with Prayer Card
  • 1 Mini Pocket Goddess with Prayer Card
  • 1 Triple Moon Goddess Leather Key Chain Journal/BOS
  • 10 Raw Crystals US Dime-Quarter Sized (1 Clear Quartz, 1 Amethyst, 1 Rose Quartz, 1 Green Quartz, 1 Sodalite, 1 Fuchsite, 3 Lemurian Quartz Points, & 1 Red Jasper)
  • 1 Small Beech Wood Wand with Lemurian Quartz Point by Manoah Nova
  • 1 Small Vial of Wish Herb Mix
  • 9 Laminated Stone Information/Identification Cards
  • 2 Black Tealight Candles
  • 2 White Tealight Candles
  • 1 Contents Sheet
  • 1 Instructions Sheet
  • 9” X 5” X 5” Wooden Travel Treasure Storage Box that holds everything
  • Extras/gifts/Misc...