Tree of 2 Dimensions Cabochon Necklace

$10.45 $16.00

This tree is unlike any other tree you've seen before, it stands in the same place, yet, it is in 2 different dimensional worlds, the fiery realm of awakening & the flames of change as well as the dark realm of letting go of ones hatred, greed, & disgust for selfish reasons. These two go hand in hand when wanting to awaken to ones true potential and self realization as well as the divine order of things. Wear this necklace to show your triumph over all of these things.

This necklace is around 16in-18inch with an extender that hangs on either a black or silver chain. The tree is in a glass dome cabochon the size of a quarter that is either silver or black as well, with the tree of 2 dimensions magnified in the cabochon.