Tree of Life Chakra Necklace


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The tree is much bigger than a quarter and it has a silver or copper wired tree of life in a silver or copper circle or heart. The circle represents completeness, wholeness & never ending life. The heart represents the connection to yourself & your inner soul of being nothing but pure love and oneness. The curved tree within a circle represents a time of great change & creating your very own curve to overcome any obstacles you are faced with. They each have stone chips representing the main chakras within the body, upon it's branches of clear quartz, amethyst, sodalite, green aventurine, citrine, carnelian, and red jasper. It hangs on a 16-18 inch black cord, silver or copper chain.

Clear quartz helps awaken you to the higher divine, amethyst connects you to your own intuition as well as strong spiritual protection, sodalite helps with communication & addictions, green aventurine is an all purpose healer, citrine helps with sexuality, carnelian helps with finding your inner creativity, and red jasper is great for grounding & strength. Combining all of these upon a silver or copper wire tree whether within a circle, heart or curved is very powerful. Each of these has been personally charged with Reiki, love, and moon energy to feel the great power of these. If you are wanting just one particular stone upon your tree, please visit our other product called Tree Spirit Stone Chip Necklace.