14" Triple Moon Wand


This 1" x 1.75" x 14" cold cast resin wand features a triple moon pentagram at the top with winding vines & wooden style with colors of black and brown. Use this powerful symbolic wand to draw protective circles, healing, and light energy. Great for children learning, those practicing magick, or for those who may want a unique wand decor. 

Magic wands have been featured in historical documents since 2278 BC.  Used in religious and magical rites dating back to the ancient Egyptians, the wand came into use in Wiccan ritual through the influence of ceremonial magic. Wands help with intention, while directing energy for healing, raising energy, & drawing symbols of power for all kinds of specific things. 

Unlike popular fairytails & movies, it is not the wand that causes magical transformation, but the practitioner, who charges the wand with personal power. It is used to direct energy. The wand is often used in Wiccan ritual to invoke the Goddess and God, and may be used to draw magical symbols in the air or on the ground. It can also be used to draw the circle within which the ritual or spellwork is performed.