Turritella (Agate) Fossils Polished


These around palm sized turritella fossils are all that remains of turritella, and are the shells or the cast of shells from soft-bodied mollusks within stone. Turritella are a type of sea snail with tall spiral shells. They are polished and each one varies in size and style. Turritella is a highly spiritual stone that’s deeply connected to the earth and to the home. It’s strongly associated with your personal roots and your ancestry, even the past events in your life. It’s what you can call a survival stone, because it carries energies of protection and strength. It will also lend you healing and the power of profound wisdom. Turritella Agate will also act as a record keeper stone and give you information on your past worlds and your past life.

It will open your communication between the mineral and plant kingdom, giving you access to the information that will be beneficial in healing the planet. If placed in an area of land that has been polluted or neglected, Turritella Agate will cleanse and re-energize the environment. Its healing energies can be used to protect an endangered area. For people who travel frequently, Turritella Agate will protect you from danger and keep you close to your loved ones who are left at home. It will remove your fears and sharpen your intuition. These are great to use on crystal grids, or to direct magick & energy. They are palm stone sized & each of them varies.