Unearthing the Ancestors Magical Essence By Gavenia


A uniquely channeled essence made by Gavenia during the month of Samhain/Halloween during the Full Moon when the veil is thinning and with the help of her guides.  Connect with those who have passed on into the spirit realm, as well as our ancestors. Each batch has gone through a process of a ritual ceremony of intention and charging before they are ever added to inventory. 

Enhanced with graveyard dirt, full Moon water, crystals: peridot/onyx/carnelian, herbs such as dried rose petals mugwort, cats claw, yarrow flowers, hoodoo oil, night of jasmine oil, flames of desire oil, third eye oil, and a mix of other powerful fragrances to create this connecting beyond the veil essence. A strong but potent fragrance. Wear or use when doing rituals or spells that pertain to the spirit realm or the honoring of ancestors. Spritz around an altar, or use for Samhain/Halloween to welcome those beyond the veil. Also great to connect with the Goddess Hecate, the goddess of the crossroads.  DON'T ingest, not made for a diffuser, or to be used on children. Some people may be allergic or sensitive to some ingredients so use at your own risk. Comes with an information card.

Magick Uses:

  • Spray or wear on wrist and neck before connecting with the other side
  • Spray or wear before doing a spell/ritual related to those who have crossed over, ancestors, or accessing the spirit realm
  • Spray or wear on you when honoring the ancestors
  • Wear when you want to accessing the spirit realm through forms of divination such as Ouija boards, pendulums, scrying, and other similar forms 
  • All about the Goddess Hecate, crossroads, ancestors, spirit realm, beyond the veil, connecting to ghosts, graveyards, and similar things
  • Great for spritzing in the area and wearing on you when performing spells or rituals relating to the other side, ancestors, Goddess Hecate, or the crossroads
  • Use to anoint candles meant for honoring the ancestors, Goddess Hecate, connecting with the other side, or to be used during Samhain/Halloween.