Vampire Kiss Magickal Perfume Essence By Gavenia


A uniquely channeled essence made by Gavenia with the help of her guides. Through the eyes of a vampire, we see the sensuality, lust, and intense seduction they have. This essence has an immense amount of love, lust, and seduction within it that can be felt when used. Each batch has gone through a process of a ritual ceremony of intention and charging before they are ever added to inventory. 

Enhanced with pheromones, full Moon water, crystals, herbs such as dried rose petals and patchouli leaves, opium oil, vampire oil, and a mix of other powerful fragrances to create this mesmerizing essence. Great to help spark more passion in an existing relationship, draw passion and relationships with others to you, sexual desires, spark new flames, reconnect with old ones, be the center of attention with the spot light, get your way with this seductive fragrance and draw love and romance to you while using or wearing this essence. Also great for love spells, and more. DON'T ingest, not made for a diffuser, or to be used on children. Some people may be allergic or sensitive to some ingredients so use at your own risk. Comes with an information card.

Magick Uses:

  • Spray or wear on wrist and neck before going on a date
  • Spray or wear before doing a love, lust, or sexual desire spell/ritual
  • Spray or wear on you when trying to attract someone
  • Wear when you want to attract great things to you, spark new flames 
  • All about sexual desires, love, lust, seduction, attraction, get your way, & being in the spotlight of attention
  • Great for spritzing in the area and wearing on you when performing spells relating to love, romance, passion, sexual desires, lust, attention and attraction
  • Use to anoint candles meant for love, passion, sexual desires, lust, center of attention/drawing attention to you, or attraction spells & rituals