Vampire Set

$50.45 $70.45

These handmade and specialty selected vampire set/kits comes with all the necessities to unearth the magick of the vampires. Use a variety of these items for décor, magical spells, rituals, Samhain, Halloween, or give as a gift to the vampire fan, or vampire. Each one varies with coffin color/design and statue. Such a great value instead of buying everything separate.

Kit Includes:
  • 1 Clear Quartz
  • 1 Handmade 5" resin coffin trinket box (colors vary and are selected at random)
  • 1 1oz vial of Vesta Powder
  • 1 1oz vial of Graveyard dirt
  • 1 1oz vial of Black salt
  • 1 3" spooky tree or skeleton statue (chosen at random)
  • 1 Sample vial of Vampire Love Essence pheromone perfume for attraction
  • 1 Bat's head root
  • 1 Black feather quill
  • 5 Coffin Nails with instructions paper
  • 4 laminated stone and vial information cards
  • 1 white storage box
  • Black paper shredding's