Wasp Glow Necklace


This approximately 1.3" tall & 0.87" wide resin encased wasp taxidermy animal inside that glows in the dark when exposed to light. It hangs on a black cord and was made by Manoah Nova-Third Eye Creations. Wasp died of natural causes and was carefully placed in resin to preserve it on a necklace. The longer it's exposed to light, the longer and brighter it glows in the dark. 

Wasp spirit animal symbolism include foundations, development, fertility, eye-opening, building, breakthroughs, advancement, articulation, productivity, planning, organization, judgment, introspection, honesty, group efforts, The Hermit (Tarot), warrior energy, surprises, productivity, progress, and structure.

There is a Goddess in Hindu tradition named Bhramari. She is an incarnation of Shakti. Her name means Goddess of black bees. Bees, hornets, and wasps are all sacred to her. Egyptians also had a Goddess with the body of a Hippo and the head of a Wasp. Her name is Ahti, but very little is known about her save for having quite a temper.