White Aragonite Crystal


White Aragonite, also known as Cave Calcite from the Potosi Mine of the Santa Eulalia District in Chihuahua, Mexico. This stalactite variety of Aragonite crystal is known as Flos Ferri, meaning "flowers of iron". It grows similar to the finger-like formations of ocean coral. Interestingly, Aragonite is a calcium carbonate mineral and is the main element in many shells, pearls and corals. For this reason we often refer to this variety of Aragonite as "Crystal Coral". These exquisite White Aragonite specimen's are encrusted with hundreds of brilliant, sparkling druzy crystals. These are beautiful collector pieces for home décor, metaphysical purposes, and lots more. These crystals are very delicate, handle with care. We also take extra care in packing and shipping them. 

Each piece is unique in its own way and great for raising the vibration within an environment, calming, peaceful, powerful, angelic like vibrations makes it a great stone for anyone drawn to it. Aragonite is a powerful stone for healing and balancing the emotional body. Aragonite helps to clear unwanted energy throughout the body. It can assist in maintaining a center of serenity in trying circumstances and can release tensions relating to past emotional wounds. Aragonite stimulates the body's energy systems, increasing vitality and stamina.

These are all different and have codes on them as they are a Black Friday Exclusive Deal Crystal for now. We filmed and showcased a variety of these on our LIVE Crystal Sale. Each one was featured with a particular code, those are the codes you will see in the variants of this product. 

Magical Uses: 

  • Higher Vibration Connection
  • Purifying/Cleansing the Environment
  • Healing
  • Serenity/Peace
  • Angelic vibrations
  • Helps balance and center the body, mind, and soul
  • Stellar Gateway
  • Soul Star
  • Psychic Abilities