Wings of Isis Magical Essence By Gavenia


A beautiful and powerful blend created by Gavenia's Higher Realm's Alchemy with the help of her guides. Feel and smell like ancient royalty of the Egyptians with this powerful essence, while also connecting to the Egyptian Goddess Isis herself to protect you with her powerful wings. Connect to her and have strong spiritual protection wearing or using this. Great for spritzing in a magical circle, wear or spray it before meditating. 

Also great to use for spells and rituals when wanting to aide in personal protection. Made using top quality fragrances, charged pyramid water from Egypt, crystals, Goddess oil, Egyptian Goddess perfume oil, Higher crown chakra singing bowl charged water, lotus oil, Cleopatra oil, musk, magic oil, and more.  DON'T ingest, keep away from children, some people may be allergic or sensitive to ingredients, use at your own risk. Comes with an information card. Bottle styles and colors all vary.

Magical Uses:

  • Pyramid power healing and magick
  • Connect to the Goddess Isis
  • Feel like a God or Goddess
  • Wear or spray when you are doing protective magic or Egyptian magick
  • Spiritual Protection from a Goddess
  • Love, comfort, connection
  • Meditation spray/perfume to wear or spritz while meditating