Working with Your Guides & Angels By Ruth White


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Lots of people today are having encounters with angels and guides or are wanting to. If you've ever thought about these questions: "How can I use this experience?" "What will it mean in my life?" How can I increase my perception of other worlds?" "How can I welcome guides and angels into my life?" Then this is the right book for you, as Ruth answers all of these questions and more in a practical book, while explaining what guides and angels are, their purpose in our lives, we can learn to communicate with them, and what to expect. 

This book stresses the psychological preparation necessary for contact with these discarnate beings while showing us how to recognize our own limitations and preconceptions that can color and influence contact with other worlds, to prevent us from receiving false messages and information.  In this 115 page paperback book, you are sure to learn lots of information giving you a new light and direction.