Hem Dragon's Blood Stick Incense 8 gram (8 Pack)

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Hem is known throughout the world for producing traditional incenses made from quality woods, flowers, resins & essential oils. Dragons blood is the common name for resin from the Dracaena tree, the sap of which is bright red & looks similar to blood. Dragon's blood is the go to if you are needing protection, strength, or are wanting to amplify the potency of your magical workings. It's great to use when clearing energies either in an environment or on a person.

The scent of dragon's blood is musty, deep, & slightly sweet. Across cultures & in history, it has been used to ward off negativity, get rid of negative vibrations, & grounding. Honor the element of fire/South, and the spirit of the dragon with these powerful incense sticks. Each order comes with a box of 8 sticks that are 8 gram incense sticks that are said to burn between 30 - 60 min each, however times per each stick may vary. Place stick in incense stick burner/holder and light the tip. Ashes will fall from the stick so be sure they land on the burner or in/on a fire proof container/surface. 

Always remember to be cautious and don't leave incense burning when you aren't home, keep away from items that could catch fire if placed too close.