Enchanting Incense, Oils, & Sprays

Awaken the lamp to an enchanting world through the sense of smell. Ancient Egyptians used combustible bouquets for this purpose. They used it to cover the bad smells but they also believed that this pleasant smell dispels evil spirits and through that it pleases the gods. Incense came to ancient Greece and Rome over the Babylon where it was used during prayers and in oracles. We have a variety of incense in a few different styles to include sticks, cones, & rope. We also have a variety of oils, sprays and similar items. Magical oils for an enchanting perfume or for your magical workings, handmade sprays for cleansing a room or setting the mood for a particular magical working, aiding in spiritual protection, awakening ones psychic abilities, necklaces/jewelry/accessories to use with oils, incense holders/stands, incense ash catchers, burners, and lots more.
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