Starseed Magical Essence By Gavenia


A uniquely channeled essence made by Gavenia with the help of her guides. Through the eyes of a Starseed.  A soul connection blend for those who long for their home far away from earth in the galaxy.  Starseeds are people who originated from another world or planet and are now living on earth for a short time for specific purposes. Allow this blend to resonate with you to feel more at home while living here on earth, but also to help bring back memories of where you're from little by little when using this essence for meditation. Each batch has gone through a process of a ritual ceremony of intention and charging before they are ever added to inventory. 

Enhanced with full moon charged rain water, fantasy oil, lavender oil, third eye oil, pyramid water, amethyst, garnet, lapis lazuli crystals, and more. Great to use for a variety of things when wanting to connect to your true self. DON'T ingest, not made for a diffuser, or to be used on children. Some people may be allergic or sensitive to some ingredients so use at your own risk. Comes with an information card. Bottle styles and sizes all vary. Price is based on size. 

Magick Uses:

  • Spray or wear on wrist and neck before doing a past life regression
  • Spray or wear before doing any true self spells/rituals
  • Spray or wear when meditating to connect to your true starseed self
  • Wear when you want to attract great things to you, spark new flames 
  • All about galactic starseeds, space, & your true self.
  • Great for spritzing in the area and wearing on you when performing spells relating to any particular spiritual work about connecting to your true self, learning more about where you come from, and how you may also be a starseed yourself.