Channeled Artwork By Manoah Nova-Third Eye Creations

Manoah Nova, is a Shaman, Wicca High Priest, Herbologist, Reiki Master, Spiritual Channeler & Drawer, intuitive & spiritual reader & teacher, Guardian, sculptor, tattoo designer, artist, painter, body painter, face painter, inventor, construction worker, and a variety of other things.

He hosts online and in person workshops over a variety of topics. Empowers people with the knowledge he shares with them to help them on their current spiritual journey. He offers a variety of services such as house cleansing's/blessings, readings, shaman journey's & healing's, and does personalized spiritual drawing readings for people or spiritual channeled pictures for people upon request. He channels the gate guardians & other extraterrestrial beings in which a lot of his drawings come from.

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