Crystals, Stones, Minerals, Fossils, & Shells

We have over 200+ highly charged & cleansed affordable crystals, stones, fossils and minerals for all your needs. We charge all of them in numerous full moons, with Reiki healing energy, and crystal skull healing energies before we even put them on the website for sale or at an event. This also includes crystal jewelry, pendulums, & any other products that contain crystals, stones, minerals, or fossils. 

Whether you are just starting your journey in crystal collecting, or if you've been collecting for a long time and just looking for various types of unique or high vibrational crystals, we have you covered. With every crystal or crystal type item you purchase from us, we provide you with an information card explaining some common basic information/uses spiritually & metaphysically of that particular stone/crystal. This information card isn't to replace medicines, doctors, or any other particular accredited source as crystals are similar to essential oils and should be used similar to supplements than as a complete cure or relief from something as these things aren't fact or scientifically proven yet.

Also please remember that when purchasing crystals in raw form, some are highly toxic to people and animals. However, every stone/crystal could become dangerous to animals and children if they are swallowed no matter what type of crystal as they may present a choking hazard. Some crystals also may not be able to be exposed to sunlight or water as it could ruin the crystal depending on what type it is. 

We also offer crystal books, card decks, crystal grids, crystal/jewelry accessories, boxes, bags, & more to assist you along your journey with crystals and all that they can do for you. We have crystals starting at only 50 cents each, so no excuses to not have any crystals, they are great no matter how or why you use them even if it's just for décor. They are also not "NEW AGE" as these are stones, crystals, minerals, & fossils that have been apart of our planet for centuries and used by our ancestors to help with a variety of different things. 

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