Crystal, Stone, & Mineral Jewelry

We offer a variety of highly cleansed & charged crystal jewelry, such as bracelets, wire wrapped stone necklaces, stone ankle bracelets, & more. Most of our crystal jewelry is handmade by our family, or others we know personally & at affordable prices. We take the time to cleanse & charge all of our jewelry making materials, as well as the final jewelry piece, while then placing it under at least 3 full moons to charge & allowing it to charge in a copper pyramid surrounded by crystal skulls, orgonite, & selenite to enhance the crystal jewelry's energy even further. Once that has all been done, we then personally charge each piece with Usui Reiki energy. After all of these steps have been taken, you will then see them on the website for purchase, but not until then. We truly want you to feel and benefit from wearing our jewelry.
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